Business Plan

 Business and Marketing Plan Overview

The company began developing the Gander Search Engine and Social Media Information Network in 2015. The Social Media Network has grown to more than a million followers.

The company has also developed and provided search engines dedicated to specific subjects such as news, social media, sports, travel, business etc. These search engines are multi-lingual which means that users can see the results in their own language.

At the same time, there has been research and development of the Gander search engine using an altogether new type of technology through the University of Texas. This is a new development of search engines application and is now ready to be applied and brought to market.

Business Plan

The Product

Gander represents the next generation is search engines. It is motivated by the demand for information that is happening here and now. Our physical surroundings are becoming populated with a growing amount of digital information. This is generated by such things as:

• people with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets
• digital resources embedded in the environment such as in cars, buildings and appliances.

Gander allows you to search for information in a rapidly changing, information rich environment.

Latest Research

Gander is the first search engine designed to satisfy the demand for information that is happening here and now.

Conventional search engines are based on information retrieval techniques that help users to find information on the Internet such as documents, web pages and social feeds. With Gander, users can also search for information that is immediate and localized.

• An Internet search engine could be used to follow news and social media feeds about a popular carnival. With Gander, a user could also find available standing space near friends at the carnival.

• Using a conventional search engine one may find available train routes and timetables. With Gander, a person hurrying to board a crowded train would be able to search for the closest available second class seat.

The next generation

A conventional search engine such as Google helps one learn about the world by treating the Internet as a large (mostly static) library dedicated to rapid access to relevant information. Huge resources are mobilized to support such an undertaking.

In contrast, Gander search technology facilitates immediate interactions with one's surroundings without requiring massive support infrastructure and sophisticated advance indexing.

Expected Sales

The sales objective is by the third year of operation to gain the equivalent of one twentieth of one percent (0.05%) of Google's advertising revenue.

Sales Revenue in US$
Market Share Quarterly Annual
Year 3 .05% $ 16,300,000 $ 65,200,000
Year 4 .1% $ 32,600,000 $ 130,400,000
Year 5 .5% $ 163,000,000 $ 652,000,000
Year 6 1% $ 326,000,000 $ 1,304,000,000

Gross Margin

This is the gross margin before tax in the third year of operation based on gaining the equivalent of one twentieth (.05%) of one percent of Google's advertising revenue.

Income: $ 65,200,000

Salaries & wages $ 9,000,000
Overhead Expenses $ 500,000
Marketing Expenses $ 6,000,000
Server Expenses $ 3,600,000
Total $ 19,100,000

Net Profit before tax $ 46,100,000